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St. Giles in February 2021. Credit: Cathie Coward / Hamilton Spectator.

St. Giles Church has received extensive coverage in local and national news since December 2020 — highlighting how important this building is to Hamilton and to the local community.

St. Giles church at 85 Holton Avenue South photographed in August 2021 by Joey Coleman

Talks regarding future of St. Giles Church building at impasse

August 12th, 2021
Joey Coleman, The Public Record

Battle lines hardening on St. Giles Church issue

August 6th, 2021
John Best, Bay Observer

St. Giles (85 Holton Ave S) photographed by Cathie Coward for the Hamilton Spectator

We need creative thinking to save St. Giles

July 28th, 2021
David Coutts, Hamilton Spectator

Forum told condo tower is needed to restore historic Hamilton church

June 12th, 2021
Teviah Moro, Hamilton Spectator

Inside the tug of war over St. Giles

April 23rd, 2021
Emma Prestwich, Broadview Magazine

New proposals, but no heritage designation for endangered St. Giles Church — yet

April 14th, 2021
Matthew Van Dongen, Hamilton Spectator

Temporary reprieve for St. Giles Church

April 14th, 2021
John Best, Bay Observer

Future of former Hamilton church property pits heritage against housing crisis

April 14th, 2021
Ken Mann, Global News

Remembering the comforting messages of St. Giles Church

April 10th, 2021
Mary Haylock, Hamilton Spectator

St. Giles Church saga is a familiar conundrum

April 10th, 2021
Hamilton Spectator

Deciding the fate of St. Giles church

April 8th, 2021
Lisa Hepfner, CHCH

Demo permit application for more-than-century-old Hamilton church withdrawn

April 7th, 2021
Teviah Moro, Hamilton Spectator

Surprise demo permit for St. Giles church sneaks in under wire

April 6th, 2021
Kathy Renwald, Bay Observer

Keep a century-old church standing: ACO Hamilton on THN

April 5th, 2021
Scot Urquhart, The Hamilton Network/CHCH

Fighting to save St. Giles

March 31st, 2021
Kathy Renwald, Bay Observer

Hamilton heritage enthusiasts plot next steps to save St. Giles United Church

March 29th, 2021
Teviah Moro, Hamilton Spectator

United Church takes over St. Giles housing project but plans to demolish 107-year old church

March 21st, 2021
Saira Peesker, CBC Hamilton

We need a plan to save Hamilton’s places of worship

February 23rd, 2021
Shannon Kyles, Hamilton Spectator

A labour of love in glass, brick, and stone

February 10th, 2021
Sarah Sheehan, Hamilton Spectator

Let’s not bulldoze the plague saint’s church

December 12th, 2020
Sarah Sheehan, Hamilton Spectator

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