St. Giles in 1957. Credit: Vintage Hamilton / Superior Engravers, Local History & Archives, Hamilton Public Library.
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Generous donor comes forward to help #SaveStGiles

The Friends of St. Giles are excited and honoured to announce that a major donation has been committed to the cause of transforming the century-old St. Giles church into a community hub. They are offering this donation towards adaptive reuse of the long-vacant heritage building, which stands at Main and Holton in the Gibson-St. Clair neighbourhood (Hamilton’s Ward 3).

The Friends of St. Giles have long envisioned community space at a revitalized, restored St. Giles church, one that can serve and enhance this east-central neighbourhood through a mix of cultural and social resources. We are thrilled that the anonymous donor shares this vision.

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  • Lisa Hepfner outside St. Giles (85 Holton Ave S)
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Award nominations, two Stewart & Witton buildings, and a video!

Two Stewart & Witton properties nominated, plus a Friend of St. Giles’ video series The Hamilton Municipal Heritage Committee’s nominations for the 2020–21 Heritage Recognition Awards are in! These awards recognize the contributions of property owners, educators, developers, and volunteers in the conservation of Hamilton’s heritage. This year, the Heritage…

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New Section Added: St. Giles & WW1

The history of beautiful St. Giles church is intertwined with that of World War 1: the church’s first minister and one of its architects served together in the same batallion, and both were at Vimy Ridge. One would return to become an advocate for remembrance; the other died in action.…

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Joint statement with ACO Hamilton

Joint statement by ACO Hamilton and the Friends of St. Giles, June 17, 2021 We need a fourth option for St. Giles Heritage advocates respond to latest proposals for century-old Gibson landmark Last week was Hamilton Arts Week — which made it doubly disappointing that the week ended with New Vision…

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Announcing: Stewart & Witton 150

This year marks 150 years of prominent architects Stewart & Witton, who designed St. Giles Church, the Herkimer Apartments, the Playhouse Cinema, the James Street Armoury, and many other beloved and important Hamilton landmarks. We have already lost so much of Stewart & Witton’s work to demolition. Through our 150th…

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