Towards a 4th Option for St. Giles

Response and Questions after UPRC’s June 10th Town Hall The Friends of St. Giles attended the two Town Hall sessions about the future of St. Giles, which were run by developer UPRC on June 10th. This is the first of three pieces we’ll be posting in response. A Fourth Option is Needed for St. GilesContinue reading “Towards a 4th Option for St. Giles”

Announcing: Stewart & Witton 150

This year marks 150 years of prominent architects Stewart & Witton, who designed St. Giles Church, the Herkimer Apartments, the Playhouse Cinema, the James Street Armoury, and many other beloved and important Hamilton landmarks. We have already lost so much of Stewart & Witton’s work to demolition. Through our 150th anniversary celebration, we aim toContinue reading “Announcing: Stewart & Witton 150”